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I told you that you were my moon

I sat right there and hummed a tune

We all remember you drinking blue lagoon

But all those memories are dead to me

You told me to get myself together and leave

I’m a soul you couldn’t lead

You watched me bleed and called me weak

But all these memories are dead to me

I loved you unconditionally

Just for you to say I’m supposed to handle this easily

Unfortunately, we both handle things differently

But all these memories are dead to me

You told me she was so much better

Only if you knew my life is now bitter

But it’s final, you chose her

You’re dead to me



I am confused

By the way you betrayed me

And I still can’t understand

How you still don’t feel guilty

I closed the door

Locked it well

And I was hurt even more

I’m lucky that I am no victim for you anymore

You forgot me

You forgot where you came from

All the lies you told to me

Along with not feeling guilty

I look into your eyes

Trusting you even more

But it’s all little lies

That break my heart

I’m sorry if I broke the knife

You stabbed me by

I was just doing my best

And I don’t feel guilty

You broke me

You betrayed me

You never apologized

You don’t even feel guilty

Your brown eyes

Tell me more than enough

It’s actually a great surprise

Things have been tough



I came up with nothing

At my worst

Just wondering

If this is a curse

I looked up high

Wishing for a miracle

Waiting for the light

To brighten my life

But one day

I wondered

What if COVID-19

Showed their true colors

I shut the door

I shut my heart

Betrayal was new to me

I was new to this painful art

But life is much more

Than feeling depressed

The door is still shut

But I think I understand