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I told you that you were my moon

I sat right there and hummed a tune

We all remember you drinking blue lagoon

But all those memories are dead to me

You told me to get myself together and leave

I’m a soul you couldn’t lead

You watched me bleed…

I am confused

By the way you betrayed me

And I still can’t understand

How you still don’t feel guilty

I closed the door

Locked it well

And I was hurt even more

I’m lucky that I am no victim for you anymore

You forgot me

You forgot where you…

I came up with nothing

At my worst

Just wondering

If this is a curse

I looked up high

Wishing for a miracle

Waiting for the light

To brighten my life

But one day

I wondered

What if COVID-19

Showed their true colors

I shut the door

I shut my…