“ Never waste your time on people who don’t appreciate you. ’’

I am confused

By the way you betrayed me

And I still can’t understand

How you still don’t feel guilty

I closed the door

Locked it well

And I was hurt even more

I’m lucky that I am no victim for you anymore

You forgot me

You forgot where you came from

All the lies you told to me

Along with not feeling guilty

I look into your eyes

Trusting you even more

But it’s all little lies

That break my heart

I’m sorry if I broke the knife

You stabbed me by

I was just doing my best

And I don’t feel guilty

You broke me

You betrayed me

You never apologized

You don’t even feel guilty

Your brown eyes

Tell me more than enough

It’s actually a great surprise

Things have been tough

I remember when I was 6 I stood by you, and you promised to be here for me when I needed you the most. But now I wonder where your has your commitment has gone.

I remember when I was 8, I cheered you up and drew a smile on your face, I helped you remember how much you’re worth. You told me that you will never forget me. But now I wonder where your loyalty has flown.

You were never with me when I needed you the most, and you forget me and forgot the past. But I believe…

“ You can’t please everyone but you can please yourself ‘’

I came up with nothing

At my worst

Just wondering

If this is a curse

I looked up high

Wishing for a miracle

Waiting for the light

To brighten my life

But one day

I wondered

What if COVID-19

Showed their true colors

I shut the door

I shut my heart

Betrayal was new to me

I was new to this painful art

But life is much more

Than feeling depressed

The door is still shut

But I think I understand

Hi, today I’m going to list some things I’m trying to improve in my personality which I think is a good way to start introducing myself. I hope this article helps you.

1- Be more social
The reason why I want to be more social is that I am normally interrupted by others while speaking, which is because they’re not used to seeing me talk at all! that’s why in my view of perspective I have to socialize more to not be interrupted while speaking.

2- Have a higher voice
You may wonder why I want to have a higher voice…

“ Never give up on your dream so your dream doesn’t give up on you ’’

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Me, saving ourselves and leaving others behind, and stabbing others while shooting others with unpleasant feelings internally. But we, fighting together and making sure no one’s hurt while healing our loved ones. it is your choice to be who want to be. but remember one thing, being hurt doesn’t make you weak, it makes you strong because heaven knows you are fighting for your right no matter what it takes. If they refuse to listen to you, they refuse to hear the truth. and trust me if the truth isn’t what they are seeing they are living a lie. tears…

I tried to escape but my roots were deep. I couldn’t get out, I was trapped in a cage. I ask myself “ am I sure this is the place I want my last words to be spoken in? ’’. I search for the key, it is buried inside me, but where can I find it? They say people who are locked in will get out someday. But when will I get out? The answer isn’t beneath my hands. I want the freedom to see the world, but “ the world ’’ is cruel. They will haunt me down, destroy…

“ Even if you are right the way you say it makes you wrong ’’

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Aysha Ali Albulooshi

Future astronaut

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