Poems that I can’t stop thinking of, rhymes stuck in my head, I ask myself if it is true, but I refuse to think. I can’t stop rhyming words together, times when I’m eating oranges, times I’m doing something courageous, I can’t stop and that’s how it goes. You get annoyed of me finding a tune for a poem, that may mean hearing lots of humming, but I will also need to stop, even if I was cunning about it. you may think this sounds silly, but I am telling the truth, oh what a pity, you should hold firmly. The truth may drive me to curiosity but I’m not feeling blue, well that is if I don’t think bad of you. I know that I’m talking nonsense, but somehow reality may break-in. The stars are singing and the moon is dancing, while I am shouting out what is happening. The sun is looking and I am watching the rays from the window. Talking nonsense.

Future astronaut