I tried to escape but my roots were deep. I couldn’t get out, I was trapped in a cage. I ask myself am I sure this is the place I want my last words to be spoken in? ’’. I search for the key, it is buried inside me, but where can I find it? They say people who are locked in will get out someday. But when will I get out? The answer isn’t beneath my hands. I want the freedom to see the world, but “ the world ’’ is cruel. They will haunt me down, destroy the definition of justice and kill happiness which is the most important thing in this world from my point of view. I was taught that we are all humans and that we should be treated the same way. But what you’re doing breaks my heart that I didn’t want to open my eyes yesterday morning, but what other choice do I have. I am trapped in a world full of hesitation, I don’t know what to do. Do I die or do I remind myself that the sky is blue and that it will always stay like that? To be honest, miracles don’t grow on trees. I don’t want to see the key that will set me free, I just want freedom. Where in the world can I find freedom? I am tired of my rights being taken away, I lost hope because of you destroying what this world contains. I’m trapped in a cage and I can’t get out. And when I try, I remember what brought me here in the first place, it was fear.

Future astronaut